Developing a game like Fantastic Contraption on the cutting edge of Virtual Reality is really difficult, and a big part of making sure you are delivering the best game possible is play-testing.

Of course, play-testing is incredibly difficult too - we only know a handful of industry peers that own the hardware, and even then they are working as fast as they can to get their own games up and running. They don't have a lot of time to give us feedback.

In an effort to get as many eyes on the game as possible, we've made Fantastic Contraption available to every single Vive devkit owner - and we've added a feedback tool right into the game.

We use the feedback tool internally (for taking notes while at tradeshows or when friends come over to play), but it works perfectly for collecting feedback from our fellow developers too.

TL;DR: We simply use a Google Form to post the feedback through Unity's WWWForm object, but if you want a video walkthrough with a groovin' beat check this out:

Here's the SaveFormToDisk.cs and SubmitFormOnline.cs source if that's helpful for you. Feel free to use it! Let’s all make better games together.