What is the LUX Web Engine? It's a simple PHP script that parses text files and turns it into web content. It generated this page!

Why does it exist? To make the editing, uploading, and maintenance of this site as easy as possible, I wrote this as a bespoke solution. I prefer throwing text files at my web server to logging into some bloated web interface with plugin support! Who wants to sit down and nicely format HTML all day long? Not me! I'd rather write lazy PHP code!

The main point of the LUX Web Engine is to make a single-file optionally-configurable install, without dependencies on anything else or requiring any tech knowledge. I mean, you need to have a website or something so there's a minimum bar you have to clear there.



The LUX Web Engine is just a fun code exercise I did one afternoon. I would be shocked if it had no bugs. Has this been done before? Maybe? Most alternatives tend to have really complicated setups or focus too much on blog-infrastructure. This isn't a blog, though, so maybe this is unique? shrug

At this time, every page load executes a handful of PHP code and slowly reads a bunch from a hard drive. There is no smart caching or anything like that, so if you get a popularity spike your site will probably slow down. Until I get around to adding cache-support, this tool is most useful for creative writing and normal-person-popularity things.


Get the latest source for LUX Web Engine on GitHub.

  1. Copy the source to index.php on your website somewhere.
  2. (Optionally) Edit the configuration paths at the top of the file. You might need to make some folders for your content.
  3. Add some content! Particularly, you'll need to make a default.txt file. Here's an example of my homepage.
  4. Using GitHub webhooks you can pretty easily hook up an auto-pull event so you don't need to use FTP anymore.

Bugs? Edits?

Feel free to contact me, I'm happy to improve things!


I want to write a really basic, lightweight, web-based editor to avoid the whole FTP-your-files step. But that requires authentication! Whee! For now, I just use git hooks for easy publishing.

Change log:

v8 - July 2nd, 2018

v7 - June 7th, 2018

v6 - June 3rd, 2018

v5 - April 30th, 2018

v4 - April 29th, 2018

v3 - April 28th, 2018

v2 - April 22nd, 2018

v1 - April 1st, 2018