This is one of my favourite pizzas, definitely in my top-10. For those that can’t have pizza without meat, I’d strongly suggest resisting the urge to put ham on here and making it a classic Hawaiian pizza. Use chicken instead - and marinate it in BBQ sauce before hand.

- Start out by preparing your pizza dough.
- Put a small pot of my Savoury Pizza Sauce on low heat.

Prep the ingredients:

- Mushrooms - Chop a handful. They usually shrink when baking, so you’ll need a bit more than you think.

- Jalapeño Pepper - Slice one into rings. Jalapeños are the least-spicy pepper that I use in my pizzas, so this will add a bit of a kick but not much. You can replace these with Green Peppers if you want to avoid heat!

- Tomato - Slice one large tomato (or two medium-sized ones) into rings a few millimetres thick.

- Pineapple - I diced ¼ of a fresh pineapple for this recipe and it was a bit too much (so used the remainder for another pizza).

- Mozzarella Cheese - Use a coarse grater to produce as much cheese as you prefer. Going light on the cheese is actually not a bad idea when you focus on flavour of ingredients, as I am here, so I’m just putting a very light sprinkling on. Vegans can leave out the cheese entirely!

- BBQ Sauce - Have some on hand, we’ll need a tiny bit! (Be sure your BBQ Sauce is gluten-free if that's a concern. Many have added flour) I’m using generic Kraft-brand but any will do (if you have the option, lower-sweetness is preferred for this recipe).

Once you’ve rolled the dough out and applied the sauce, lay down your bed of cheese first. Pivotal to this recipe is the direct-heat baking of the toppings, and hiding them under the cheese will produce an inferior pizza! Place your toppings on top of the cheese! (For some, these are fighting words! People love their cheese-on-top, and trust me: I do too, but there is an optimal configuration that changes on a per-pizza basis).

Topping configuration:

- For this pizza I started by placing the tomatoes out, evenly spaced and not overlapping. We want the skins of the tomatoes facing upwards and as exposed as possible so they bake just right.

- I placed a ring of jalapeño directly on top of the tomato. In addition to just looking nice, the oils from the jalapeño will get into the tomato to give it a bit of extra flavour, plus they will be elevated and able to be baked a bit more by the heat.

- The pineapples are perched on top of the jalapeños, making a nice ornamental tower of deliciousness. We want the pineapples to be slightly browned and dry out a bit with the baking, so it’s critical they are the most exposed item in this recipe.

- Sprinkle the mushrooms in the gaps between your little deliciousness-towers.

- Drizzle a tiny bit of BBQ sauce on top of each little tower.

After baking @ 450 degrees for about 16 minutes, your pizza is complete!

I’ve garnished the plate with a bit of leftover mozzarella and some freshly-ground pepper that you can use to “dip” the pizza in for a bit of extra flavour.