I'm sharing the source for this site! Check out my page on the LUX Web Engine.

I don't like blogs/timelines/feeds because the sequential-ness of them makes older stuff feel less relevant or useful. I also dislike that someone can search for or link to an old thing and you usually don't have an opportunity to edit or control that; something you said online a long time ago might come back to haunt you. It's also not-so-cool that anything I might link to externally might disappear someday.

I made this site to be a custom web of thoughts. Rather than make a new page, I'll edit an old page first, if I can. If a page doesn't exist, I'll try to make a new one. When time allows I'll update, but my hope is that this web-site will be somewhat close to a snapshot of my current thoughts. I'm trying to keep this site as internal as possible - only linking outwardly when absolutely necessary, to prevent loss of data when another site goes down.

Back in high-school we had an "intro to comp-sci" class (in, roughly, 1994). One of our first assignments was to make a website.

While most in my class were making simple bios and linking to each other, I instead narrowly focused on hyperlinks. I made every distinct word of my landing page a hyperlink, each linking internally to another page on my site. I had written hundreds of short-form improvised essays to ensure each link had something interesting behind it; the internet didn't have a whole lot of content to link to back then. Heck the first widely-available search engine didn't launch until late 1994!

I thought it would be cool to make every essay ALSO have every word linked, trying to cross-link between pages as much as possible - it became a game for readers to try to find each and every article, using the "previously-visited purple" hyperlink colour as their guide. There was a sub-game to see how deep you could go without a central index, encouraging visitors to find hidden corners and explore thoughts.

Thanks to a bug in the HotDog HTML editor, I lost the entire site one afternoon, and had no backups. I suppose this site is an attempt to resurrect that ideal, insofar as I can, with my newfound adult responsibilities and limited time.